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Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF) is a consortium of like minded purchasing managers from the hospitality industry representing star hotels, catering companies, stand-alone restaurant chains and airlines. It believes in power of networking and sharing of work experience with each other.

The Indian hospitality industry has been rapidly evolving since last two decades and has witnessed a spurt in the number of domestic and international players entering the market with ambitious and world class projects. This has resulted in quantitative and qualitative needs which are far more complex than before. Today, the hospitality procurement industry is pegged at an annual figure of US $10 billion dollar. But considering the sustained economic development and an impressive GDP ratio of India, the hospitality procurement needs are expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. The hospitality procurement is not only scattered but needed some reference body to assist them at every stage. There were no formal education institutes or bodies to assist. And also every one working in their organizations were working in xylose!

With this in mind the purchasing managers came together to formed Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF).

An idea first came into the mind of Nitin Shankar Nagrale who realized the importance of collective approach, power of networking and importance of work experience. He convinced the likeminded purchasing professionals to be part of this innovation. It took more than a year to bring few professionals together to form a core team. The team consists of experienced and qualified purchasing professionals of the hospitality industry and work under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Mohan Deshpande.

HPMF is optimistic of a possible savings opportunity of 10% and it plans to achieve this by organizing the hospitality industry and streamlining the procurement process. A non-profit organization registered with the Companies Act 2013, HPMF is first of its kind milestone in India which aims to provide a platform for buyers from hospitality industry.


Federation of Indian Export Organisations, popularly known as “FIEO” is the apex body of Indian export promotion organizations in the country and thus the partner of the Govt. of India in promoting exports from India. Established in 1965, by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India – FIEO has 22,500 plus direct members contributing more than 70% of India’s total exports. Management of FIEO consists of Chairmen of all Export Promotion Councils, Commodity Boards and Export development authorities thus FIEO directly and indirectly serves the interest of all the exporters in the country dealing in various goods and services as nearly all the products fall under its gamut.

FIEO provides the crucial interface between Indian Exporters and Central/State Governments departments, International trading community, financial institutions, ports and all others involved in export trade facilitation. For further details please visit