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TCG Media Limited, a dedicated media house, aims to carry and exhibit happenings from all genres of Logistics sector aphorizes Infrastructure, Supply –chain, Shipping, Aviations, Railways and Roadways. This of ours ingenious ISSARR concept will facilitate TCG Media as ‘one home for logistics updates’. We are highly conscious to flow information in such a manner which are transparent, apparent, timeliness, prominent and easily understood to our readers.TCG Media has been established in April, 2006. Since the inception, we have successfully instigated numerous categories of print periodicals and digital informative portal. TransREporter (English, monthly logistics magazine), TransREporter (Hindi weekly newspaper), Green pages Directory, and Transreporter dot com (web portal) are some of our substantial publications. English monthly logistics magazine contains all sorts of news and views relevant to logistics and Supply chain management. It connects service providers to users, industry supporters to product providers or says it expands business network linking people directly and indirectly related to the industry. One more appreciable artifact is “TransREporter Saptahik”, a Hindi weekly newspaper since last Seven years, which has become the must read news paper for cargo movers or goods transporters. Considering the dimension of internet world, TCG Media is taking up the stage to run electronic-version of publications for both the magazine and newspaper. E- magazine and e- newspaper will avail our readers to get instant updates in and around of the related sector.
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